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At Think Future Immigration Services , our team of trained and dedicated Immigration Consultants accredited by the regulatory body ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) walk you through the diverse and complex path of immigration to Canada. Each case is different; therefore, we tailor a custom road-map based on our clients’ situation and help them to mitigate all confusion and choose the best path.

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Our team is active and responsive on various social media platforms, regularly posting updates on Canadian Immigration system. Clients can Call or Whatsapp us at +1 (289) 552-4246 or email us at ThinkFutureCA@gmail.com, or meet us online or in person for detailed consultation.

While some immigration matters are docile enough, no sweat, however in our experience, in matters concerning economic immigration, family unification and even refugee applications, considering the cost of opportunity and time involved, a minor callousness can result in an unfavorable result.

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Canadian Visas Categories:

Super Visa

The Super Visa Program allows parents and grandparents to come…

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Canadian Citizenship was first introduced in 1947 by the Canadian…

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Study Visa

Millions of applicants around the world are dreaming about being…

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Visitor Visa

Every year, Canada welcomes nearly 50 million people from different…

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Spouse Open Work Permit

Spouses or common-law partners of full-time students with a valid…

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Spousal Sponsorship

Moving abroad and leaving your loved ones on opposite coast…

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Parents Sponsorship

Moving abroad and leaving your parents on opposite coast is…

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Family Sponsorship

Moving abroad and leaving your loved ones on opposite coast…

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Ontario Nominee Program (OINP)

With a population of more than 13.5 million, Ontario is…

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Federal Skilled Worker Visa (FSW)

Federal Skilled Worker Class has traditionally been the most popular…

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My name is Srushti Shah, and I’m a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), registered and licensed member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) in good standing and a proud member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. I hold a diploma in Immigration Law from CSIC Academy BC, as well as Post Graduation degree in Computer Science.

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  • As a Founder of Think Future Canada my goal is to create exceptional experience for my clients given the importance of their decision. I’m here not only to help you find your right way to Canada

  • but also make entire process easier

  • faster

  • and more efficient. At Think Future Canada we think that time is extremely important in our life

  • as it helps us structure our daily activities

  • and be more organized and productive. Unlike many other Immigration Consultants

  • we offer innovative online services from the city of Kitchener to help you save your time and money. With our professional guidance and latest technologies

  • you will be always a few steps closer to your Canadian Dream

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An immigration consultant is a legal professional authorized by the government of Canada to represent and assist clients with various Canadian immigration and citizenship matters. Certified immigration consultants receive specialized education and training, study immigration law in-depth, and must pass a vigorous comprehensive exam, complete numerous backgrounds & police checks, and continuously attend professional development and practice management courses. Clients often believe that immigration documents are seamless and can be done without assistance. While this may appear to be true, there are many instances where applicants err in their documents, not only causing their application to be refused, but also resulting in a ban from entering Canada. Did you also know that there are ministerial instructions, operational manuals, public policies, and guides that we use to complete applications? Finding the best immigration consultant in Canada is not easy. However, we reassure you that by retaining us for your representation, you are bringing years of experience, depth of knowledge and professionalism to your correspondences with immigration officials.

Our free consultation (15min) is primarily to assess your eligibility for the type of visa you would like to apply for. We gather general information about you, and let you know whether you are a candidate for the relevant immigration program. Our paid consultation (1hr) allows for a comprehensive assessment of your situation. Our Canadian immigration and visa expert discusses in detail your eligibility for the immigration program, the application process, and cost of your application. Our 1hr consultation is also followed by an email that summarizes our discussion and up to two correspondence to clarify any questions you may have.

For your initial 1hr consultation, we expect you to fill out a pre-assessment form prior to our meeting. This form will allow us to learn more about you and the reason for the consultation. You will then be directed to book the appointment with our Canadian consultant, sign the initial consultation agreement, and pay the consultation fee. We will then send you an invitation link to our virtual audio/video meeting as requested.

There are usually three common steps when retaining an immigration consultant. Step 1: Pre-assessment and consultation where we offer you a personalized immigration plan. Step 2: Completing a retainer agreement and submitting all supporting documents. Step 3: Reviewing, signing, and submitting your application. Our goal is to keep your immigration journey a smooth and seamless one.

Yes, We understand that our clients could be at different time zones and offering consultation via email allows us to overcome this barrier. For email consultations, we request you to fill out a pre-assessment form followed by your query for consultation. After receiving your email and the payment for the consultation, you will get a response to your email within 2 business days. Our email consultation allows up to 5 correspondences after receiving the initial response to your consultation. Please check the Contact Us page for more information about email consultation booking.

Yes. At Think Future immigration Services we offer review-only packages for your immigration applications at a lower cost. We understand the Canadian immigration requirements and can provide feedback on your application. However, note that we do not become your representative, and cannot communicate with Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on your behalf with a review-only package. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about this option.

Canada is exceptional in its quality of life and what it offers to its residents. Since 1971, Canada has adopted multiculturalism as a national government policy where the different cultures of immigrants are respectfully celebrated, while protecting its heritage. Canada is also well-known for its free healthcare system, world class education, and innovative job opportunities. One of the aspects that makes Canada unique across the world is the resources the government funds to help newcomers settle and establish themselves in Canada. At Lakeview Immigration Services, we offer complimentary services to our clients to help them settle in Canada upon arrival. Needless to say, carrying a Canadian passport allows you to tour all commonwealth countries without the hassle of applying for a tourist visa. It is certainly your gateway to explore the world.

Our settlement services will be your guide. We will provide you with all the resources you need to launch your new life in Canada. That will include information to access employment services, healthcare, community centres and libraries, public schools, and much more. Here is one of many resources that we use to assist our clients: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/new-immigrants/new-life-canada.html.

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